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Born in MIlan, Italy.
Lives and works in Bologna.
From 2000 many stays in Tamil Nadu, India.
From 1991 to 1999 lives in London, Paris and Berlin.
From 1985 devotes his energies to painting and studing
as a research of image through different media exressions (video, installation,photo).
-2010 Studio Prampolini, "Minimal unit of journey", painting, video, Milan.
-2008 VII Art Biennale of Petersburg, S.Petersburg.
-2007 Cionco,installation, video, Lorenzago Aperta, Italy.
-2006 Cionco,installation, painting, Costalta di Cadore, Belluno, Italy.
-2003 City council hall, "Archeologia del colore", painting, video. Bologna.
-2001 Exhibit Project, installation, painting, video, New York.
-2000 Aap Gallery, painting, Berlin.
-1999 Still und Bruch Gallery, "Who is next", Berlin.
-1998 Bochumer Gallery, "Formal-in-formal", painting, Berlin.
-1997 Offnes Atelier Gallery, "Sleeping somes time", installation, Berlin.
-1997 Pesaro Papafava hall, ”Formal-in-forma", painting, Venice.
-1996 Hanseatenweg Gallery, painting, Berlin.
-1996 Hanseatenweg Gallery, installation, Berlin.
-1995 Nantes, painting, Nantes.
-1994 Salon Victor Chocquet, painting, Paris.
-1993 Region Il-de-France, pittura, Paris.

Romeo Candido nato a Milano.
Vive e lavora a Bologna e Berlino.
A Bologna dal 2000.
Dal 2000 numerosi soggiorni nel Tamil Nadu, India.
Dal 1991 al 1999 vive a Londra, Parigi e Berlino.
Dal 1985 si dedica completamente alla pittura e allo studio dell’immagine nelle diverse espressioni mediali: video, installazioni.
-2010 Studio Prampolini, "Minimal unit of journey", pittura, video, Milano.
-2008 VII Biennale di Pietroburgo, Russia.
-2007 Cionco, installazione, video, Lorenzago Aperta.
-2006 Cionco, installazione, painting, Costalta di Cadore, Belluno.
-2003 Archeologia del colore, pittura, video. Comune di Bologna, Bologna.
-2001 Exhibit Project, painting, installazione, New York.
-2000 Aap Galleria, pittura, Berlin.
-1999 Still und Bruch Galleria, "Who is next", installazione, Berlin.
-1998 Bochumer Galleria, "Formal-in-formal", pittura, Berlin.
-1997 Offnes Atelier Galleria, "Sleeping somes time", installazione, Berlino.
-1997 Pesaro Papafava hall, ”Formal-in-forma", pittura, Venezia.
-1996 Hanseatenweg Galleria, pittura, Berlino.
-1996 Hanseatenweg Galleria, installation, Berlino.
-1995 Nantes, pittura, Nantes.
-1994 Salon Victor Chocquet, pittura, Parigi.
-1993 Region Il-de-France, pittura, Parigi.

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